Started at our 
New Location!!
After 6 long months of Construction work..
As of December 22, 2021
"Pooh" will now be at her New Private Studio..
In time before Christmas. What a gift to have.. So Excited 😊

Here are the Studio Information:

Work Schedule:
Sunday's, Monday's, Tuesday's: CLOSED
Wednesday-Friday: 9am-6pm
Saturday: 7:30am-4pm

Address will be giving before your appointment..
Salon phone number will still be the same (804) 447-5983.

I will not be accepting appointments on my days off or calls on my days off accept for Tuesday's. (If appointment is accepted on my day off it will be and extra charge for inconvenience.)

While we do know Covid is still around. Mask are still required! So everyone can feel safe in the environment.


We are continuously practicing the VA mandated guidelines for Covid-19 at One Touch of Paradise Hair Studio. 

We are doing our part as much as possible to keep the salon Covid FREE. We would greatly appreciate if all clients would continue to be considerate of everyone’s health as well by NOT visiting the studio if any of the below apply to you.

Please cancel or reschedule your appointment if any of the following apply:

• If you have traveled outside of the country or any of the "Hot spot" states within the U.S within the last 14 days

• If you have a fever, cough or any symptoms of Covid -19

• If you are having any major issues with seasonal allergies or a cold that resemble covid symptoms. 

⚠️Please be considerate and reschedule your appointment to avoid being asked to leave the salon since we are unable to tell the difference to keep everyone safe. 

• If you have been diagnosed with or knowingly been around or in physical contact with anyone who has been infected with or had signs of Covid-19

• All clients are required to complete and sign an waiver form before entering the salon (That you should receive from stylist in advance) 

• All clients are required to have their temperature checked (touchless) before entering the salon floor (When salon is required to do so)

• All clients MUST wear a face mask during the entire time inside of the salon

• All clients must wash hands before being seated inside of the salon.

• No extra Guest or Children allowed in the salon or waiting area unless being serviced 

• No eating/drinking in the studio (can eat outside in) your car)

Thank you so much for understanding and let’s ALL do our part to stay safe & Healthy!

Specidy B. ❤

Access Here>> Covid Waiver Form 

Appointments can be scheduled on online appointment site as well on our website

Cancellation Policy: 24 hour Cancellation notice is required. Any appointments canceled less then 24 hours we will Subject to a 50% late cancellation fee. If we don't get an cancellation notice at all you will be subject to 100% no show fee.

Why an 24 hour cancellation notices are important to a business. Is because the business can have respectable amount of time to replace that appointment time to another potential customer.

Thank you & I do appreciate your business!!

Look forward to servicing you soon in our new location! 😊